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Route 160 is the modular layout offshoot of the N Scale Vehicle Association (NSVA). It promotes 1:160 scale modules to display vehicles and equipment that exhibit a high level of fidelity to the prototype. A standard module is about one foot square based on the T-Kits single module kit. Our goal is to have several members' modules ready for a vehicle layout to display at the National N Scale Convention* in Sacramento, California in June of 2015. Not a member? It's easy to join, just build a module! Contact information will be added later this year. Visit the N Scale Vehicle Association website to get more information on N scale vehicles in general, including industry updates.

The NSVA was formed to promote the modeling and collecting of N scale model vehicles and holds an annual Vehicle of the Year contest in conjunction with the National N Scale Convention*. In North America, Australia and most of Europe, 1:160 scale model railroad equipment that represents standard gauge prototype equipment operates on 9 mm gauge track. That is the derivation of our Route 160 name. N scale is a model railroading scale that uses that 9 mm gauge track, which is also commonly referred to as N gauge.

* National N Scale Convention is a Registered Trademark of the N Scale Enthusiast

Module Standards

We are working diligently to bring together a set of vehicle module specifications in N scale. Here are images of the standards as drafted. They are considered final but subject to your comments.

Route 160 Single Module Standards
Route 160 Single Module Surface

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